First, I come in and assess your closet to see what needs to be done and set a budget. This also involves what changes and improvements you would like to see happen.

Once we decide what you want to get done then I will set up a date to start. On that day, I will need You! We will go through your clothing together to decide with you what you should keep or get rid of. We will do this by trying on the clothes to determine fit, style and wearability. Their are certain rules, more like guidelines to help us make these decisions! I will sort the clothing into three different sections depending on its condition. These two categories are, donate and sell . Then I organize your closet by color, style and or in outfits. We can figure out the best system for you based on how you like to get dressed. OnceI have the closet organized, I will make your outfits with the clothing we have left in the closet. We will know what we are missing from this process. This will then give us an easy list to know what you need to buy. This is list will be things that will be easy to get as you see them!

I also can help you with changing out hangers and adding in shelves to create more space in your closet, personal shopping and tailoring items in your closet that need to be fitted or updated. We can do just about anything your closet needs!




Assist Client by going through all items in closet. Purge/edit outdated, unworn items




Reorganize closet and edit outdated items with existing hangers




Basic reorganization plus new hangers, organization system/shelves as needed, styling existing clothes in the closet together, and assess what other items or accessories need to be purchased to complete and make new looks for work/everyday or other occasions




Assist Client in wardrobe plan and purchasing (with special pricing available at select major fashion brands)




Styling for special events, receptions or other special occasions




Move unused or good condition items to 2nd hand stores or post designer items on ebay, vintage to vintage/costume houses or other outlets




Assist Client in packing for travel, work or play




Tailoring and fittings for new wardrobe or special occasions




RRW+CO can virtually style you for any occasion through Glamhive's integrated technology. Let Glamhive be your trusted virtual fashion companion when we can’t be there.

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