I'm a Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Consultant living in New York City. I work with Liv Tyler, Candice Swanepoel, Devon Windsor, and Daniela Lopez. I help these women and others like them get red carpet ready!

My closet and personal shopping clients cover a broad range of professions, and consist of TV Executives, CEO's, models and actors such as Elizabeth Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Sam taylor Johnson and Julianne Moore.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been reorganizing closets and styling friends and family wardrobes. I have always loved clothes and been immersed in fashion. I’m obsessed with creating order out of chaos and getting spaces into tip top shape. At a young age, I would go over to my friends house and start reorganizing their drawers and closets without their asking, it was instinctive. Packing friends and family members for vacations or picking out outfits for special occasions became very common. As a hobby, I continued with this trend throughout college, where I attended the University of Delaware, and majored in Apparel Design.

After college I moved to Los Angeles and started wardrobe styling. I started RRW+Co. in 2011 when I moved to NYC. I have worked in the fashion industry for over 9 years. 

With my diverse range of clientele, I'm able to understand different bodies types and your needs. I pride myself on always finding the best fit to compliment your figure. 


Rachel Wirkus

Founder of RRW+CO