This package is perfect for the already organized person but needs help getting rid of old and out dated items in he or she’s closet. It includes coming over to your closet to go through all of the items in your closet. By looking at the clothing we assess the items. We decide if we are going to keep them or get rid of them. The clothes that we end up keeping get filed back into your closet and the other pieces get bagged up to either sell or donate.




This package is perfect for someone who needs more help with organization and getting rid of old and out dated items. It includes trying items on in the closet to get a clear idea of fit and style. After trying the items on we eliminate clothes. I then go in and reorganize closet with existing hangers, shelving units, organizational items to make you closet flow. From the items we eliminated I decide what should be donated and or sold.





This package will make you feel alive and free again! It includes the detox plus new hangers, organization systems and shelves (decided previously on during the first assessment). Selling of the clothes to second hand stores or online. Then going though your reorganized and up to date wardrobe and filling in the gaps. This entails styling existing clothes into outfits and then going through and coming up with a list of what else we could purchase to complete and make new looks for work and everyday. This list then could be something you go out on your own and purchase or we can decide together and set a date for that!




This package can be done 2 ways. It includes either taking the list of what we need to get from your wardrobe with us to new stores to get items that are missing from your closet together. Or I can shop for the list and we can bring it back to your house and have a fitting of that we like and don’t like from the new items chosen. During this fitting we can have my tailor come and fit the new and or already existing pieces from your wardrobe that need to be taken in, up or completely modernized.




This package can be done completely separate without any of the above of after any of the detox and cleanse packages. This includes personal shopping for things that are missing in your closet or things you want and can’t find. Here’s where I go out and find these items for you, bring them back for a fitting with or with out a tailor. During the fitting we style looks together with existing clothes from your wardrobe. This package would be great right before a work trip, vacation, job change, or relocation!