See what our clients are saying about their experience with RRW+CO...

You will not find anyone more qualified than Rachel Wirkus. Not only is she responsible and outstanding in her professional efforts - but she also has integrity. Rachel is the real deal.
— Kate Bosworth, Actor and Fashion Designer
Rachel Wirkus is a force of nature. She has an amazing sense of style, coupled with a delightful personality and true generosity. AND she helped me get rid of all the junk in my closet.
— Julianne Moore, Actor
I used to enter my closet with dread – “I have nothing to wear!” That has all changed since Rachel performed her magic. Swiftly, efficiently with both compassion and clarity she edited, relocated and gave an entirely new lease on life to the items in my wardrobe. I no longer enter my closet with that sense of dread – now I can fully appreciate all that I have! Thank you Rachel!
— Pati Dubroff, celebrity make-up artist
When the “nesting” phase of pregnancy hit me I had no idea where to begin. Cher Coulter referred me to Rachel, a godsend in helping me clean out and organize my walk-in closet. She helped me decide what clothes were worthwhile keeping for years to come and what pieces had clearly already seen and past their better days. And even more importantly, as a busy executive with little free time, Rachel had everything cleared out and sent to charity or for consignment. Six months later, with baby finally here, my closet is still as neatly organized as the day Rachel worked her magic. Plus, Rachel gave me some great tips for dressing my 8 months pregnant “bump” for the Emmy Awards. And I even lasted all night in my Jimmy Choo heels!
— Nicole Sinkys, TV Executive and new Mom in LA
Rachel is the MOST organized chick EVER and everyone who knows her knows it! So when she told me she was setting up RRW+CO I couldn’t imagine a better girl for the job. She’s meticulous to detail, quick, smart, stylish, and incredibly sweet. My closet is now so easy to navigate around I have found things that had gotten lost in the back and forgotten about, everything has been photographed, catalogued, labeled and placed in color and style order. My handbags have been stuffed with bubble-wrap so they stay in shape and color ordered. And my favorite thing…. I have matching hangers so everything hangs beautifully and looks impeccably neat. I love my clothes and want to enjoy looking at them and caring for them and now thanks to Rachel for doing the hard work for me, I can.
— Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Model
Rachel did a great job helping my clear out my closets and finding some great new replacement pieces. She understood what I was going for and was very easy to work with.
— Jay H Livingston, ‎Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Bank of America
Rachel is a quick study. She can go into any unorganized mess and create structure and direction. Personally, she arranged all jeans, shirts, sweaters, jackets and suits purged a whole lot of stuff I wasn’t wearing or did not need. It’s truly a refreshing experience since we are in our clothes every day- a good cleanse is always needed.
— Jim Torti, Ph.D., Clean Technology & Manufacturing Executive